Sunday, March 15, 2009

I have so much to say and so little time!

Everything is going great!
I am learning Bemba. They have been keeping us very busy from sun up to sun down. I am definitely getting lots if exercise from riding my bike (and I am pretty sure it is up-hill both ways!)
My homestay family is great. I have 6 siblings (only 4 are at home) and one on the way. The food is great, very fresh. I have stayed healthy although seem to get sick from the immunizations every week.
We have language in the morning for 4 hrs then lunch and then technical stuff in the afternoon. Aside from learning the language we have been learning how to garden, farm, about tree nurserys, beekeeping... the list goes on. I am really looking forward to moving out to my site and trying it all out.
We had our first language test on Friday and it ended up going better than what I though. Thank goodness for corrupted english. (bedi, foloko, supuni, kabeji, iwindo, jamu...) And then there are no Q, R, V, X, or Z and there are no words that start with D, J, H, or J.
I still do not know where I am going to be posted but will know at the end of the month.
I am running out of time.
Part of my job is to educate those back at home about the people here. So I will leave a proverb...
Apali umunwe, e pali ibala. (Where there is a finger, there is a cultivated field.)

Mailing address

My address is below and I would like pictures, comics, and small stuff like that.

Information on sending packages

Sending packages. Family members and Volunteers like to send and receive care packages through the mail. Please be advised that packages can often take 1-2 months, but sometimes as long as 4-6 months. Unfortunately, sending packages can be a frustrating experience for all involved due to theft and customs taxes. You may want to try sending inexpensive items through the mail, though there is no guarantee that these items will arrive. We do not recommend sending costly items through the mail. It is recommended that packages be sent in padded envelopes if possible, as boxes tend to be taxed more heavily. Even though many Volunteers choose to get local post office boxes, you may always use the following address to send letters and/or packages to your family member:

Jessica Maslen, PCV
BOX 50707

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